Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crap! I did it again!

I skipped another day. But I'm making up for it...that's what counts. Yesterday I was
up to my eyeballs in house work...trying to get my house in order for Rusty's baby blessing today. It was a great day and I'm so thankful for my family.
I am so glad that I have a husband who
is worthy and willing to perform these special blessings for our family.
This is my sweet baby Rusty!
This was what I did for his blessing outfit.
I waited till the last minute and then couldn't find anything for I sewed a tie onto a  onsie, added some suspenders and pants and there ya go. Turned out to be pretty cute....and with this hat on he looks like a Newsie ready to sell some papes! :)

And this is my other pic for my 365 you know what this is??? Not the penny....the other thing.....that is a HUGE Reeces Peanut Butter Cup! A half a pound of peanut buttery goodness! These were for sale in stores at Christmas time and we got one for a white elephant gift and Ryan won it back! be honest...I never thought I would say this...but it was too much. haha we cut it up like a pie between 5 of us and I could barely eat my piece...I had to throw a little bit of it away. 

All in was a good day. Although most of my family couldn't make it to the blessing because they were was still good to have the family there that could come. I love them and am thankful for them all. 

It was a good day.

Friday, January 4, 2013

365: Libby loves her vanity

After the kids had their bath this morning, I got Libby dressed and then she had to do her hair herself.

She loves to get herself pretty...
and I love to take pictures of it. 

I figured that this post could kill two birds with one stone.....I wanted to post some pictures of her vanity I did for Christmas.
I was so fun to do and it cost me all of $10 to do! Can't beat that!


See...I suck already!

I knew I would skip a day...just didn't think it would happen this early on in the game!
So here I go....a make up for yesterday.
And guess what!! I suck TWICE....cause I am going to cheat and use a pic I took with my phone. Ugh...this could be a looooong year. haha
 This is a picture of Ryan's big ol' packet of paperwork he got from his
We are so excited for this and reality hit yesterday when he told me he will be flying out for his first week of work.
Crap! I'm gonna be a single mom a lot for the first few months of this new job.
Suddenly I'm a little scared!
I need friends to come play with me while he's gone. I'm gonna get mighty lonely....and perhaps a little looney too. I might just crawl into a corner in the fetal position a few minutes a day. the long run....this is going to be a great thing for our family....
for our life. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mother of the Year!

I can't believe I am going to post this for everyone to see (if I even have any readers lol) but I had to do this as my picture for today! 

Okay...let's analyze this...this picture was taken at 5:45 pm....Libby is falling asleep at the kitchen counter....
-this would mean that I failed at getting her down for a nap. (epic fail #1)
-dirty face. Kinda self explanatory ..I have been too busy with laundry today to clean it. (epic fail #2)
-messy hair, don't care! I also didn't get her hair done today. (epic fail #3)
This child is lucky I got her dressed today!
All of this is due to the fact that I have been buried up to my eye balls in 50 loads...I don't know I lost count. (epic fail #4)
Someone is going to nominate this amaze-balls momma for mother of the year for sure! Oh man.....this whole challenge is all about the good the bad and the ugly....right??
Please say yes!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 I've decided to accept a challenge of taking a picture a day for this year. I ALMOST forgot's only Jan 1!! 
I suck...but I'm gonna try. It also has to be a pic I've taken with my nice camera....not my convenient, yet crappy phone camera!
I have decided on the theme
"my life"
for this challenge!
Here is the pic I got for today...
...we were lazy on this New Years Day! Here we are sitting down getting ready to watch a movie together! These people are my life and what better way to start out this challenge than with them!
Here's hoping I can get a pic a day this year! 
Happy New year everyone....I hope it is a great year!

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas this year!
It was so fun to see all the kids (except Rusty...still too little) to be so excited
about Christmas this year. All of them got things they were super excited about.

To start out we did our yearly ice candles for
These are so beautiful and bring so much peace at Christmas time. We always go up on Christmas Eve and light it so he can feel of our love for him and we feel like we have done something for him.

I can't believe that we have been so lucky to have kids that let us sleep Christmas morning. We told Jadynn that she couldn't come upstairs till we texted her to come up. haha She texted me at about 7:45 saying she had to pee...I made her wait! haha I'm evil!
 We woke Trey and Libby up at 8:15. We had places to be!

My lovies!! Trey said, "That's the most presents ever!" LOL 

It was a Bieber-ific Christmas for Jadynn! She got his perfume (which smells heavenly BTW!) And a Justin Bieber stand up! It gave me a heart attack at least 5 times! LOL And Clothes and boots. I think she was happy!

Trey got a DSi He is IN LOVE with it! Short story: we were hanging out with our neighbors one night and when we came home Trey had decided that he wanted a "robot dinosaur". This was like a week before Christmas mind you and we were done shopping. CRAP! What the heck do we do...Well, I guess that while we were hanging out with the neighbors he was playing with a "robot dinosaur". We talking him into asking Santa for a dinosaur game instead....that is what he got! Phew...crisis averted! He also got legos and some clothes. He was happy with what he got. (thankfully!)

Miss Libby is in love with My Little she got a LOT of ponies! And she loves them!!! I also made a cute vanity for some play hair stuff we got her. (bad pics...I'll post some later. )

And she also got some clothes. She was SOOOOo fun this year! Also...her hair is always good for a laugh in the morning. haha

She also got this cute owl hat! She loves it! I had to get a picture of her modeling it. 
She also loves dumbo....she got a cute little dumbo and that's what she's holding. Love this girlie!

And last but not least...Rusty....he had kinda a boring Christmas....but he didn't care! lol He got lots of clothes cause he needed more and a couple toys that he could care less about right now. haha 
He sure is cute though!

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas and a safe New Year!
Here's to 2013!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


So I have to say that sometimes
moves too fast or you get caught up
in stuff that really doesn't matter
or (in my case)you just get lazy! :)
Well...I finally got some pictures of all my kids was it hard....I wanted to strangle them a few times...but I didn't. 
Here are a few of the ones I got.
I love my kids!

I felt bad that I didn't get any of just Jadynn that day...but by the time I was done with the others she didn't want to do it.
(can't say I blame her...I was done too.)
I love how Trey and Libby and to have their animals with them. 
And the one of Rusty...that one is going big and on the wall!!! 

We also are so in the Christmas spirit in our house this year. We have two trees this year...frankly cause I have to have my tree done my the kids can decorate theirs however they please. :)
This is my tree....and Ryan's feet. I know there are a couple things missing....I need a new star or angel or whatever....this is a new, bigger tree than we had last year and the star looked super lame cause it was too small. So I'm gonna get a new one....and my skirt is just hideous so I will be making a new one.

And the kids decorating their tree. We got this tree for $5 after Christmas last year. Perfect for the kids. Don't mind the mess around them. :/

I got Rusty's stocking made. I need to just hang them all now. 

and we have an elf visiting...making sure the kids behave themselves. His name is Buddy.

 And Mr. Rusty is smiling. We don't get to see a whole lot of this cause he has reflux. :(
But when we see them we fall even more in  love with him.

And Trey is finding strange ways to spell his friends names.
He say's, "Look mom, it spells Ty's name." 
It sure does. LOL
Love that kid. 
Tomorrow he is having his tonsils out and I am so nervous about it. This kid does not do well with pain. I just hope we can get him to take his meds well and keep him hydrated.
Fingers crossed that we all survive this!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I know...don't fall over...

I'm actually blogging.
It's been forever so I will just update with some pictures...don't mind that they're 
from my phone! :)

 We found out we were expecting another baby...due in October 2012.

I fell in love with a chair...she didn't get to come home with me though. :(

Libby grew a mustache.

Trey had a birthday...turned 5!

Libby had a birthday...turned 2!
(sorry...bad pic!)

 Libby had her first hair cut.

 Jadynn fell in love with Justin Bieber....I might have a little too. ;)

 I had a birthday...My mom gave me this cute old phone! Also...I turned the big 30! I don't feel 30. 

 Bryce had a birthday. He would be 6. Miss him tons.

 Did some  vacationing with friends. 

 My very generous, beautiful sister gave us her piano...Ryan is in heaven!

 Ryan picked up smoking...LOL...not the yucky cigarette kind....he built a smoker and cooks the most delicious meet. My favorite...Pulled Pork!

 I was able to go to youth conference and girls camp. So much YW!

Learned some cool new hair styles.

 My cute sister in law got married..welcome to the family Brad!

  I made crib bedding for baby boy and painted a darn cute dresser!

 Trey started kindergarten. His friend Cohen is trying to get him to look at the camera. haha Doesn't he have cute friends??

 Libby picked out her own Halloween could I argue with a cupcake???

 Baby #5 was born September 30th 2012. Isn't he cute?? We named him Rusty. 

 Libby tried her hand at pumping. LOL

 We finally got a couch for the front room. It only took 2 years!

 Jadynn had a Halloween party...we allowed her to invite 2 boys..are we crazy??

 Our spooky bunch on Halloween...we have our 50's girl, a dinosaur, a cupcake and our tiny bat. :)

 I just had to add one more cute pic of Rusty...We sure do love our new little addition...even if he is our fussiest baby. MUAH!

Well, if you made it this far then thanks for reading...I hope to be on here more...but we'll see...I always say that. ;)